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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I just need you right beside me!Hee..but I'll just wait for the moment.!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Please do appreciate every second when you're with your beloved one.Just like now,I need to hug MY LOVER all day long,but MY LOVER is not there for ME. Even you're with your lover most of the time,still need to appreciate it because you will feel how much you need him/her when he/she not beside you for a period of time or how suffering is it when he/she is not there for you. So,to everyone,please n please do appreciate the time given to you to spend it with your lover. So far what I know about myself, I'm appreciating the time given for me to spend with my beloved dear,Vivian Cheah to the maximum!and I'm ready to tell everyone,that I LOVE YOU TO THE MAX,VIVIAN CHEAH!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vii,this is for you!!..I just hope you're able to call me or reply me..I'm worrying...

Had my semester final exam yesterday. Overall,it was quite good. After that,I went to have a "yum-cha" session with 3 of my friends-Michelle,Mew,Rubini. About an hour later which was about 5.30pm I went on-line to see my Vii vii,she's on-line or not. Somehow,she didn't on-line but I'm fine with it. About 7.30pm,I called her,the moment she picks up,I'm very happy to listen to her voice and I say Vii,I miss you!Then she says,I miss you too with the low and polite tone. We had continued chatting till her dad called her. After that,I went to have a nap and about 11.30pm I went to celebrate a friend's birthday at Mamak!Not the time I think. After that,I went to play pool for an hour just to train myself up. Once I'm backed into my room,the moment I sat down,I start to think of her again. Then,watched some long distance short video,couples short videos,and etc. I lye on the bed,and think when was the last time I meet her,it was 28th Jan 2012 before she goes back to KL to continue her studies. Another 12 days,it'll be a month going through all this,is just not so nice. But I think the moment I will meet her next time,I'll go crazy over her. Oh well,I couldn't even celebrate my 1st Valentine Day with her but I believe that everyday it's our Valentine Day. So ya,before I shut down my computer,I come here to write something and Vii,I always feel lucky to have you because I've found my true lover,I never love someone this much before. I hope we're able to build a family but I know we've to face a lot of boundaries and well,I will struggle and go through it just for you. I'm not perfect,but you're the one who told me,I'm just perfect for you only with my imperfection,there goes the same for you from me!Full of love to send a shape of love heart to you,it's compact love heart from me to you,Vii! I don't know whether you'll read this or not,but if you do,I hope you're able to feel how much this imperfect,"sha-gua" mooie loves you!Before I end,Vii,I LOVE YOU!I never regret being with you!Nights....*Hugs!(but I'm only able to hug my bolster)haha..That's all..!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Had a phone conversation with my Vii vii..I'm a little shocked when I got her message,then straight I replied,"Vii,can I call u?"and super-hyper lucky,she said YES..when she picked up,she sounded so dull,and I realised something is not right on that time..then I asked her why,she told me slowly and pay attention on what she's trying to say..She felt annoyed on herself by what she did,and the thing is I don't feel it at all..then we talk more and deeper into it and she also said that she's clingy but I told her I want u to be more clingy.LOL!!!and in conclusion,we still solve n ended it perfectly and sweetly..and what I want now,I just want to hug, squeeze n pinch you,my lovely Vii!!!